Bridge To Skate


Bridge to skate IS a

501(c)(3) Public charity that uses skateboarding and play to aid in the creation of life skills, promotion of Health, fostering of peace and the education of cultural differences internationally.


Skateboarding is a unique sport because you can do it anywhere. Since there is so little involved, it’s easy to pass the love for skateboarding on to other people. Every child should have the right to skateboard, play, and be happy. However, for many children, these ideas are only dreams. Bridge To Skate is trying to bridge these ideas into reality. We feel skateboarding is one of the best gifts a person can receive. When a child is given an opportunity to skateboard, we feel like it’s an opportunity to be great. It not only will bring happiness to a child, but it’ll teach the child to be creative and confident. If more than one child has a skateboard, they’ll create a family amongst themselves that’s not blood related. They’ll create a bond that surmounts any difference in age, race, or religion. This will create love. With love, amazing things can happen.

Our Purposes
Building skateboard parks and playgrounds in economically distressed areas.
Distributing athletic equipment- primarily skateboards, shoes and safety wear to youth from low socio-economic communities.
Using skateboarding to aid as a tool to promote a healthy lifestyle, community cohesiveness, life skills, peace, and awareness.
Spreading awareness and education about cultural differences.
Promoting togetherness in the skateboard community.
Assisting communities with building projects that will benefit the future of the local people.

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