BRIDGE TO SKATE offers an evolving list of educational opportunities. Each one is tailored to meet a specific need, but oftentimes we find there is crossover – cases where kids get involved in more than one thing, or apply what they’ve learned to another activity, either inside BTS or another part of their life. Below highlights several areas where youth can develop a foundation of knowledge and a growing sense of self awareness, especially through outreach programming and activities that expose them to different perspectives. In fact, these processes may reveal a particular talent or interest the child has, or enable them to delve deeper into something they wish to pursue. It’s a great way for kids to “get on board” by getting the support that they need.


Youth Empowerment Program (Y.E.P.)

Bridge to Skate’s Y.E.P. leads youth to direct movements in their own communities to make a positive change in the world. Through three main categories – skateboarding, art and the environment – youth have a step-by-step guide for taking action and understanding the value of giving back. If you want to become more empowered in your own community but don’t know how, contact us now to become a Bridge to Skate Advocate!

Mentorship Program

Our popular Mentorship Program offers unprivileged youth the opportunity to work one-on-one with a positive role model. BTS-approved mentors help with homework, skateboarding techniques and life lessons – and, of course, they also like to have fun! We recently extended our program to Ohio and Nevada, and are expanding the program to additional states and countries.

Out Takes! (BTS Excursions)

Twice a month Bridge to Skate volunteers lead children from South Central Los Angeles and elsewhere on a safe daylong excursion away from home. We try to go somewhere or participate in an activity that will be a new experience for our youth. In the past, we’ve taken trips to many different skateboard parks, climbed rocks at Joshua Tree, gone surfing in San Onofre, motored around Lake Arrowhead Lake and more!

Educational Sponsorships

After a Latin American student reaches a certain age, usually sixth or ninth grade, continuing education involves enrolling at a school some distance away. For most of these children, the next step is too big of an expense to pursue. For any student who wishes to continue their education, we’d like to support them on that journey. The cost to attend school outside of town is generally about U.S. $325 a year. Although it doesn’t seem like much, we believe this amount has the potential to change entire lives. We are deeply grateful to the donors who have helped develop our scholarship fund, and are always looking for others who can see the tremendous benefit this educational support provides.

Cultural Awareness Clinics

We love to visit schools and talk to children about life in the Third World. By the end of the clinic, many of them come to realize how lucky they are. They also tend to discover a newfound sense of pride in their playground and/or skateboard park, take better care of their belongings, and gain a greater appreciation for each other. That’s our goal! Join us at one of the clinics and watch it come to fruition.