SKATEBOARDING OFFERS A FUN and healthy way to stay fit. While you might stumble around a bit at the beginning, before long you’ll be doing a kick turn and breaking a sweat. Sure, watching TV and playing video games can be fun, but it doesn’t do the body as much good as skateboarding. Getting out and getting around – now that’s what gets the circulation going. And we do mean circulation! Join BTS, and you’ll be weaving in and out of conversations that can lead to making new friends, sharing creative ideas and discovering a sense of belonging with like-minded kids who are not only in the world but becoming a genuine part of it. There are so many BTS programs to choose from, it’s not just skating but day trips to different skate parks, camping, surfing, boating, hiking, building new parks – and generally just stretching the legs, which stretches the mind in a way that can benefit everything you do. So exercise your right to skate!



At Bridge to Skate focuses on hosting competitions in areas where there currently aren’t any. We’ve held at least one competition a month in South Central Los Angeles, California, since spring 2011! Keep an eye on the calendar, as our free skateboard contests might be coming to your community. In the past, we’ve held competitions in New York, Vermont, New Jersey and throughout California. If you don’t see any in our plans, contact us to get the wheels in motion!

Skateboard Library

Bridge to Skate provides schools, organizations, skate shops and community centers with skateboard libraries allowing youth to check out skateboards as they want to use it. It’s just like a library for books, but BTS shares its skateboards. In each skateboard library, there is an assortment of different types of skateboards as well as safety equipment. “The skateboard library has been a gift for kids looking to use good equipment — but with no skateboard of their own,” says Chantelle Heroux, BTS Director. “The library continues expanding and we look forward to helping give more and more kids the opportunity to actively participate.”